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Harry Potter is battling spiders all over again! © TMDB

Harry Potter is battling spiders all over again!

It is the return to Hogwarts this weekend on HBO, followed very closely by not one, but two Peter Parkers.

22. 11. 2021 0:00 | FlixPatrol

On November 16th we had a little bit of celebration. It was 20 years since the premiere of the first Harry Potter movie. And now the young wizard is finally at number one, lurking in the top ten for a week, waiting for fans to remember him. Of course, Warner Bros. announced a return to Hogwarts in HBO Max special that will stream on January 1st, but being able to claim the win in streaming Top Ten is so much cooler, right? It was not an easy victory because of the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home movie. Older Spidey movies are on the move and The Amazing Spider-Man (the first one with Andrew Garfield) was even number one on Saturday, followed by Spider-Man 3 (the last one with Tobey Maguire). No Way Home is bringing old villains from these movies back (and maybe, just maybe someone else too), it is only natural that fans are trying to refresh their memory.

TOP 10 on HBO in the World on November 21

Red Notice still rules Netflix by a wide margin and not even a sequel to a popular Princess Switch franchise could change that. Silly Christmas comedy Princess Switch: Romancing the Star is offering three different characters played by Vanessa Hudgens, but it can’t compete with one of Netflix’s main events for the season. Red Notice even brought previous Dwayne Johnson and Rawson Marshall Thurber collaboration, Central Intelligence, to number 3 of the chart. Thurber, director and writer of Red Notice, hinted at a possibility of the Red Notice sequel this weekend. If it will indeed happen, there will be a second and a third movie filmed back-to-back.

TOP 10 on Netflix in the World on November 21

Dwayne Johnson posted on his Instagram that Red Notice had 150 million viewers over the first weekend which makes it the most-watched movie ever on any platform. Red Notice is on its way to becoming the most-watched movie in the history of Netflix.