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We have new Netflix statistics for you! © TMDB

We have new Netflix statistics for you!

Did we inspire Netflix to go back to the drawing board, as they said when launching their new Top Ten tool? In the name of better ranking transparency, we are innovating our rankings as well.

24. 11. 2021 18:15 | FlixPatrol

Netflix promised us more transparency for a long time. Now it delivered and it provided us with a new metric as well. Let’s quote Netflix on how it works: “Every Tuesday, we publish four global Top 10 lists for films and TV: Film (English), TV (English), Film (Non-English), and TV (Non-English). These lists rank titles based on weekly hours viewed: the total number of hours that our members around the world watched each title from Monday to Sunday of the previous week.”

On Flix Patrol, we integrated new metrics as well - see the weekly worldwide Netflix numbers where we added new layers called "Official" to available data. Also when you browse for country specific details, the new "Official" layer will appear. In title details, we have histograms and detailed graphs, we will tell you not only the TOP 10 daily ranking, but also ranking in TOP 10 Official weekly ranking by countries. Also, Hours viewed are now part of title details. And last, but not the least, under the tab Streaming services, we have new charts for the most viewed movies and shows and even for English and Non-English speaking content.

Netflix posted yesterday, that Red Notice already has 278 million hours viewed, which puts the movie just behind the all-time champion Bird Box (282 million hours). But we will tell you more, you can see the graph showing the progress of consumed hours through time, so you can observe and analyse exactly when the interest of viewers starts to fade. Just look at this tool in the Squid Game profile and you will see what it does.

We are tirelessly working on new features. Stay tuned!