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Rocky IV is back in the charts after more than 35 years © TMDB

Rocky IV is back in the charts after more than 35 years

Anticipated director’s cut Rocky IV: Rocky vs. Drago is here and it will break you!

16. 11. 2021 16:00 | FlixPatrol

One of the most significant movies of the 80s era and to this day the most financially successful entry of the franchise was directed by none other than Sylvester Stallone. Only last September Sly announced that he’s working on an extended cut of Rocky IV with additional 42 minutes. And now he delivered Rocky IV: Rocky vs. Drago, the movie that has a running time of 93 minutes, mere two minutes more than the original. But don’t be fooled, almost half of that is the new material at the expense of some radical cutting and change of tone. This is not Rocky IV you remember for better or worse. And people can’t wait to take it all in.

TOP 10 on Amazon in the United States on November 15

It is already number 5 on iTunes and number 6 on Amazon TVOD in the US, available in crispy 4K to rent or buy. It will also be shown in selected theatres across Europe before being available on TVOD. Can’t wait to see it? You can watch making of documentary on Youtube for free right now. It’s 93 minutes long, the same as the director’s cut itself.